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These 3 challenge packs have been proven to be successful for anyone willing to give it thier all in just 30 days. Each program comes with a meal plan, nutritional guide, a calendar for workout schedule. 30 days of Shakeology and 30 days access to the Beachbody Club so you can live stream our BOD! You will have access to my challenge group, where we review nutrition, share recipes, and provide motivation & support through your journey long past your 30 day challenge pack offer! I'm in this for the long haul! Are you?

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* 21 Day Fix with Shakeology- With 21 Day Fix there's no counting, no guessing, and no wondering. Just easy-to-follow portion control and one 30-minute workout per day. That's all.

* 3 Day Refresh with Shakeology- The 3-Day Refresh is designed for people who are looking for a fast, clean way to lose a few pounds quickly but also help break bad eating habits. I hear it ALL the time. So many of us want a safe, easy, GENTLE cleanse that can help boost our energy, clean our system, and get us moving forward again in a SAFE manner but when we go looking for solutions all we find are ways to starve our bodies, rip up our insides with lemon water juices, or take magic pills that claim to “shrink your fat cells”. Theres no magic, just real results!

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I Was Slapped In The Face

Today I visited an old friend and got slapped in the face because of my pride. I have been recovering from foot surgery last April. My doctor initially told me that I would be back in 3 months, boy was he ever wrong. He gave me the go ahead to return to teaching my group fitness classes less than a week after the procedure.

I fractured my right foot running up the stairs and ignored it for 3 years because I had no insurance at the time. The pain not only didn't go away but kept getting worse. When I finally got insurance I went to the foot doctor to discover that since I waited so long for care that the only option was surgery. I felt my whole world collapse before my eyes. I never had surgery in my life and now, it was my only option. I broke down in front of my doctor. He assured me that it will be ok. I had to go through a series of test that literally took months, I was so scare because this was around the time Joan Rivers passed away. It also was costing me a fortune out of pocket because of the crappy atna.

So the day came and I had to travel to a New Jersey faculty by myself because the day before the first schedule surgery the New York faculty called to say they wasn't going to allow my doctor to do the surgery because they had problems with my insurance with other people so they decided not to accept it anymore. I finally calmed down and was brave to get the surgery only to have them say NO!! My doctor called me and said let's do it in NJ. I got there early filled the paper work and got prepared about 10 different people kept coming in asking what procedure are they doing, which freaked me out!! I was inform it was the norm so I was aware of what was going on. So now I was told to count to 10, I think I got to 3...maybe 2 and the next thing I woke up to them saying your cousin Patricia is here to pick you up. 

So let's fast forward to now and the slap in the face part. I finished teaching 2 classes. As J.A.B (Cardio Kickboxing) and Athletic Abs. I decided it time to start working out again I have been working out off and on, but it's a New Year and it's been killing me not being able to be consistent in my own workouts. So I visited an old friend...the elliptical, yes the elliptical, I love this machine for one simple reason and here's why. IT'S NON IMPACT TO THE JOINTS! I hate the treadmill because of that reason, it bad for the joints in the long run, no pun intended. It really the one of the best choices for recovery depending on what you are recovering from. I have also been doing Piyo, but wanted to add to do something when am at the gym. The slap in the face was the realization of starting over, nothing like a grown man crying because I had to start at the bottom ever time I increased the level I would decrease it back to zero after a few minutes. I use to be able to increase up to 5-7 levels before my injury. Now I was back at zero and it hurt more than my injury. It took some minutes before I realized it was my pride that was slapping me in the face, it was that reality check I needed to give myself permission to start over.

I preach this in my classes, but to be faced with it myself was to much, but I did, I gave myself permission to start over and not be ashamed of it. I get members in my class who will come into a group exercise class and instead of doing what the group is doing, they do something different. When I call them out its always the same excuse. "I have an injury" and my response is, you shouldn't take the class. I say this because it doesn't mean you can't do the class, it means your not ready for the class, the best advice is start SLOW. Recover fully before jumping back I to your old routine, nothing worse than re-injuring yourself which will delay the healing process. Plus NEVER walk into a group exercise class and think it's ok for you to do your own routine, it's called group exercise for a reason. I would never walk into a indoor cycling class as I know I can't come out and stay out of the saddle for a long period of time. So I not going to stick out or distract from the class by doing my own thing which is why I do my own workout on the gym floor or at home with my home workout program like Piyo, but it could be anything. It's ok to start over, you are not alone so like me give yourself that permission, you'll be glad you did and your injury will heal as plan without delay.

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The Revenant (My Mini Review)

I finally gave in and decided to see what all the hype was. There has been so much talk about the "big bear scene", I honestly thought that was going to be the only great thing the film...boy was I wrong.

Inspired by true events, THE REVENANT captures one man's epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In an expedition of the uncharted American wilderness, legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. In a quest to survive, Glass endures unimaginable grief as well as the betrayal of his confidant John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Guided by sheer will and the love of his family, Glass must navigate a vicious winter in a relentless pursuit to live and find redemption.

This movie is not for the faint at heart. I was fascinated by the scenery, it was like art. It's a very violent film that holds you to the end, it takes a strong actor to do and Leonardo DiCaprio does, while most films over 2 hours have slow moments, this film didn't. This film is Leonardo's win for the Oscar and its about time! he has paid his dues long enough in Hollywood and he deserves this.

The only disappointing thing is Tom Hardy not being nominated, he is a true stand out in every project he does. He was simply amazing and a great match to Leonardo DiCaprio, all the actors were strong and amazing performances. I highly recommend seeing this film.

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Group Exercise Etiquette

Transitioning from solo workouts to group aerobics takes a little getting used to. On your own time, you can show up late, hit the shower when you want and tweak your form without offending anyone. The rules of aerobics class etiquette apply to most types of group fitness classes, so take what you've learned and apply it elsewhere.

1) Arrive to class on time. Showing up late may offend your instructor and distract your classmates. In addition, you'll miss the essential warm-up if you don't show up on time. 

2) No texting in class! Turn your cell phone or mobile device off as soon as you arrive or better yet leave it in your locker. A loud, distracting ringtone is disrespectful to your classmates and instructor.

3) Store your gym bag and unneeded items before class. Unnecessary items on the gym floor pose a threat to your classmates. Never bring food to class and always keep your water in a sealed, sturdy container.

4) Follow your instructor's routine. Don't modify the exercise unless instructed to do so for your health. Mistakes are okay, as long as you try your best; it's not okay to tweak an exercise because you think you know better than your instructor, so give the instructor's methods their due.

5) Mind the personal space of others. Don't crowd in on your classmates – Likewise, avoid extraneous conversation.

6) Keep your personal hygiene in check. Wear clean gym clothes and deodorant, but avoid heavy perfume or cologne. Always bring a towel with you to class.

7) Stay until the class ends. You'll benefit from cool down stretches, show your respect for the instructor and heighten the sense of teamwork among your classmates.

8) Communicate with your instructor. Aerobics classes entail vigorous exercise of the cardiovascular system; let your instructor know if you have health problems or injuries. Tell your instructor if you are pregnant. This lets your instructor come up with modified exercises for you and prevents injury. Keep the line open – don't be afraid to provide instructors with compliments or constructive feedback at the end of the class.

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Vitamin Supplements Safety

It is a well-known fact that vitamin supplements have
numerous benefits to our body especially when we take them

Not only do they keep the body functioning properly, they
also keep us healthy so that we don’t get sick easily.

However, they can have adverse effects too if we take them
incorrectly. Below are some tips to keep us safe when
taking supplements.

Only take as indicated

- before taking vitamin supplements, we have to look at the
instructions on the box first. It is where information on
things like dosage are indicated.

If we do otherwise, we may not be able to maximize the
supplement’s effect, or worse, get overdosed.

Seek your doctor’s advice

- before taking a supplement, it would be good to seek your
doctor’s advice. This is especially the case if you are
taking other forms of medication.

Your doctor can warn you if there is a risk of adverse
effects if you take them with the supplement. The same goes
if you have special needs for a particular vitamin.

The doctor may advise higher doses of it depending on
his/her diagnosis.

Make sure it’s genuine

- although there are a good number of reliable supplements,
there are still some that are fake, ineffective or both.

Be wary of them because they may cause you more harm than

In sum, vitamin supplements can be harmful to you if you
take them incorrectly. So be informed and make sure that
the one you are taking is safe.

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22 Minute Hard Corps - Coming Soon!

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Can Headphones Damage Your Health?

Of all the headphones that are on offer, which of them
physically damages hearing? Or is it down to the individual
to monitor their own safety?

Well, some companies have offered a safe alternative - but
some have been discontinued due to poor sales.

Some companies produced equipment which limited volume
automatically or warned the user when the sound was set too

The public rejected the idea with the response that it was
up to the user how loud their music should be. That line of
equipment was quickly discontinued.

Today, some companies have introduced systems whereby
volumes on different tracks are corrected to the same

Others provide a system for the user to manipulate their
own preferred settings and gives better control than the
auto-corrected version.

Some governments have jumped on the bandwagon in recent
years and have imposed limits on the levels of sound
personal equipment can emit.

Of course, many have said that this is infringing on the
freedom of users and use other software to remove the

These governments have used the arguments that not only
does the hearing damage caused bring a financial burden on
the economy - future hearing loss medical interventions -
but also the burden of accident victims who have caused, or
been involved in accidents, due to the inability to hear
the surroundings when immersed in their personal music

Of course it will always be up to the individual on how
loud he/she wants their music to be. Perhaps the answer
lies in education.

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SNEAK PEEK FREEBIE: The Master's Hammer and Chisel 30 Minute Workout

I have two FREE 30 minute workouts for you... Who wants to test them out for me ???

The new Beachbody program coming out in December 2015 The Master's Hammer and Chisel just released two FREE sneak peek 30 minute workouts in our On Demand Library, so you get to try them now along with insanity Max 30 , Piyo , 21 day fix and extreme sneak peeks as well and get THIS FREE !!

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My 32 Top Favorite Horror films

Anyone that knows me, know that I am a huge horror fan. I was recently on Facebook and saw someone 

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Batgirl Passed Away

I was hoping it wasn't true, but it's with heavy heart to learn
of the passing of Yvonne Craig. She lost her battle with breast
cancer on August 17, 2015.

Yvonne was a passionate professional ballet dancer before making
 the leap to TV as the iconic character Batgirl on the 1966 Batman
series. I was a huge fan and was honored that I got an opportunity
to talk to her. She told me that she wanted to come and take my Spin

She never made it  to NYC to take it. Yvonne entered the Batgirl scene in season 3 of Batman and became one of favorite female superheros. She will be missed, but not forgotten.

You can read her Obituary from her family here:


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Benefits of overcoming the fear of public speaking

Many people are simply afraid of speaking before a large crowd, but are you aware that one can stand to learn a lot simply by reaping the benefits of overcoming the fear of public speaking?

There are a lot of people who tend to neglect that aside from the professional advantages one can gain from overcoming their fear of speaking before a crowd, they can also benefit from it personally and even improve one’s character and personality.

One of the most notable benefits one can get from overcoming that fear is self-confidence.

Overcoming the fear builds self-confidence in a person, especially making them more sociable compared to when they were previously allowing their fears getting the best of them, especially when they are faced with the situation of having to speak before a group of people.

Self-confidence also helps in creating a positive outlook and mental attitude in a person.

Another benefit that one gains from overcoming their fear of public speaking is self-esteem, which is how a person values or regards himself.
This is another social trait that one can gain not only for the benefit of others, but also help shapes character and personality.

Being able to overcome the fear of speaking before a crowd, one can also gain mastery in the art of communication.

Many may not be aware of it, but the secret to good communication skills also rely on a person’s ability to interact well, especially since when a person is comfortable with speaking before a group of people, he or she tends to have more focus towards the topics for discussion and may be able to comprehend matters and topics as well.

Compared to those who are more afraid to interact, especially when they are more susceptible to the fear that can envelop them, making them think of other things aside from focusing on the topics at hand.

Another good thing that one can achieve is better active listening skills, which could result to a better communication or speaking experience, not just for the benefit of the speaker but for the audience as well.
Active listening is as important as speaking well, especially since it is only through active listening that one gets to comprehend things that are being discussed or interacted upon, making discussions or interactions as comprehensive and as substantial as well.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking can also help improve one’s speaking abilities, through proper voice projection and vocal proficiency as well.
Getting the hang of speaking before a group of people can help a lot for those that may have difficulties or problems with projecting their clearly and pronouncing words correctly.

Being comfortable in front of people makes you feel less anxious, stressed or troubled, since you are less likely to experience the difficulty of being distracted from what is actually the real topic or concern that needs to be discussed.

As you can see, overcoming your fear of public speaking is not just aimed to help one become a better speaker, but has been found out to also improve one’s personality and character, thus, making your social and personal life even more fulfilling and satisfying.

One can truly appreciate the real value of how it means to gain from the benefits of overcoming the fear of public speaking.

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New Program Coming (The Master's Hammer and Chisel)

Two of our celebrity trainers, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese, have joined forces to bring you The Master’s Hammer and Chisel™ - Coming in December 2015.

What is The Master's Hammer and Chisel™? It’s a 60-day total-body transformation program that helps you craft a defined, jaw-dropping physique using breakthrough resistance training. You will sculpt your body into a masterpiece with 14 brand-new workouts from celebrity trainers and winning fitness competitors, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese.

How does The Master's Hammer and Chisel work? You’ll focus on building muscle, power, and strength with The Master's Hammer™ workouts and trainer Sagi Kalev, while you shed fat and sculpt definition with The Master's Chisel™ workouts and trainer Autumn Calabrese. Plus, it includes a dedicated modifier who demonstrates moves at a lower intensity and adapts exercises for those with limited access to equipment.

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Hollywood Cycle

IN A LOT OF PAIN: Watched this new show called Hollywood Cycle.this show seriously gives indoor cycling a bad rep, like some other nameless indoor cycling studios that have become the craze, due to the celebrity name dropping game.

The egos of these people on show who think they are "gods gift to indoor cycling" is a real turn off and a mis-representation of true indoor cycling, first any instructor that tells a member "They don't give a fu*k!" would be considered a automatic TERMINATION! from any fitness facility. 

None of them are showing any kind of professionalism or teaching skills, this show may even hurt there reputation. How could the owners of cycle House allow them to air this kind of crap? Oh wait, "They edit it to make them look like asses." My biggest question is what kind of certifications they have. No well known certification would allow fraction like this give them a bad name. It seem like they may have a ‪#‎puregarbage‬ aka no certification at all and that its all about looks. 

The little riding "training" they did, the "trainers" were all awful and have the nerve to critique others, when they need to train themselves, Its the all ego and "AM ON TV!!" attitude game. This is rachet fitness tv and no way reflects the true teaching of indoor cycling in anyway. dont let this show give you a sour taste of what a fitness class is like. my classes are are packed because I relate to the members and have strong certifications to back up my teaching skills of being in the fitness industry for close to 30 years.

I will not be watching this show, am taking a stand on bringing back quality TV!

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Quick 5 minute Weekend WORKOUT, Plus a -exciting announcement at the end from Shaun T!

Do each exercise for 1min for a 5min EXTRA WEEKEND Burn! (Modify if needed)

1. Burpee low plank high plank R arm lead
2. Burpee low plank high plank L arm lead
3. Plié squat oblique taps
4. Supporting high scissor abs
5. Sit up/push up 30sec R 30sec L


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Does Food Make You Sick?

Do you often suffer from strange symptoms after eating certain types of foods? Do you get itchy, break out in hives, swell up or actually vomit? You could be suffering from a common food allergy.

It's estimated that over 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Most allergic reactions are mild, but around 30,000 visits to the emergency room are reported each year because of the reactions. As many as 200 deaths each year are attributed to food allergies.

Studies report up to 8 percent of children have an allergy to some type of food. The numbers are slightly smaller for adults, only around 4 percent.

Many children will outgrow their food allergies. But some will carry these allergies into adulthood and suffer from them their entire lives.

Eating prepackaged foods, out in restaurants or even friends homes can cause problems. It's  often hard to tell what's added to the foods we eat.

You hate to ask the cook "what's in this?", but sometimes you just have to. Especially when asking can mean the difference between an enjoyable meal and a trip to the emergency room.

With the increased cases of peanut allergies, most packaged foods have started including on the label the use of peanut oils and even if the processing of nuts is handled in the same factory.

There's no cure for food allergies. So the only thing you can do is avoid the foods that cause the reactions you can't deal with.

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WARRIOR ARMS-Tank top season will be here before we know it and that means those arms are going to be out for the world to see. Of course, you want them to be tank top and tankini ready, which means you’ll have to work them hard — biceps and triceps. All you need to turn those arms into sculpted works of art is a pair of free weights.

When you combine this workout with a healthy diet, you will fast track your results and make the most of the summer season. It’s easy to look great in family photos and feel amazing all summer with simple changes like drinking a delicious detox water and knowing what foods to eat to stay slim and satisfied all summer.


0:21 Hammer Curl Press
2:21 Pterodactyl Kickbacks
4:25 Band Pulldowns
6:21 Alt Delt Raise Tricep Push-up
8:57 In and Out Curls
10:56 Temp Skull Crushers
12:58 Alt Bicep Curl

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Get Rid of Procrastination, Now!

Do you put off your work for later, only to find your deadlines steadily creeping in? Then you, my friend, are one of the millions of people afflicted by the procrastination virus. Procrastination is the biggest reason for loss of productivity and late output. Though many would not admit it, they would benefit greatly if they start their work on time.
For many people, putting off their work for later is more habit than desire. It can be so hard to get into a groove where starting your tasks in a timely fashion is a priority, especially if the consequences for being late are things that one can probably bear.
If you are one of these people, yet you desire to shake off your propensity for procrastination, then you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you overcome this dilemma and become a more productive and reliable person.

1. Set schedules  It is very important that you have a list of activities to accomplish per day. This will help you realistically budget your time and resources. One of the cardinal sins people commit in regards to performing their tasks is to put off their work because they feel like there is so much time left. A journal, organizer, or calendar of events will help you plan and schedule your task so that you can start them promptly and finish them on time.

2. Save the Vacation for Later  Many people put their work off for later saying, I'll just have a little fun then buckle down to work later. While it may be true that they may have more than enough time to accomplish their tasks, it would be better if they finished their work first and relax afterwards.
Wouldn't relaxation be sweeter if it were after a taxing job? If you choose to lay back and relax before doing your tasks, you will be more prone to burnout and will have nothing exciting left to look forward to after accomplishing a task. It is always better to have slack period AFTER a job than before one, especially considering that people are wont to overusing their slack time. This is suicide if you are heading towards a deadline.

3. Never Underestimate Your Tasks  Sometimes procrastination sets in because people underestimate the resources, difficulty, and time spent for a particular task. They will usually say, It's just mowing the lawn, its easy; I could do it in a jiffy. The problem is, no matter how trivial the task, it still takes time and resources to accomplish. If you underestimate a task, you will most likely set too little time to do it and schedule it too close to its deadline.

4. Don't Allow Yourself to Get Comfortable Doing Nothing  It would definitely help if you kept a subconscious alarm whenever you are doing nothing. Get this alarm to remind you of things that may need to be done. This will help you foster the notion that jobs accomplished now means more time for relaxation later. However, even if this is the case, do not forget to put ample time in for rest and to remove all thoughts of troubles before hitting the sack. The trick here, however, is not to overdo you rest. There is a difference between resting and idling. Always set the right amount of time for rest and stick to that schedule.

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Time Management - Goal Setting

Time Management methods most often incorporate some
element of the goal setting process, as a key
ingredient for overall effective use of time. Whether
in the personal or professional realm, goal setting is
an important aspect in becoming a productive
individual, who effectively manages time.

When speaking of "goals" this term will include any
number of specific tasks which need to be completed,
from household chores to major business proposals.
Tasks to be performed are referred to as either short,
medium, or long term goals, depending on the available
time the individual has to complete them.

Short term goals may be thought of as daily goals.
These often include everyday chores, as well as
projects which need to be completed immediately. In
effective time management a list of short terms goals
is formulated, and each goal on that list is
completed, on a daily basis.

Medium term goals are often goals that need to be
completed within one week to one month of time.
Depending on the amount of time required to complete
the goal, a medium term may be broken up into smaller
pieces, to be accomplished daily. For instance, a
project which will take 6 to 7 hours to complete can
be broken into pieces, requiring only 1 hour per day.

Long term goals can reflect major undertakings, such
as obtaining a college degree, building a new home, or
any number of other such goals. These goals are broken
down into daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly

For instance, to obtain a college degree in 4 years
the individual will need to research financial
options, register for classes, take and pass specific
subjects, complete homework assignments etc... Long term
goals are best managed when broken down into small
sections, each one a step toward completion of the
final goal.

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My Babadook Movie Review:

MY MOVIE REVIEW: The Babadook is a Australian horror film about a mother who's husband is killed seven years ago and she is left to raise her son as she still grieve for him. She refuses to believe her so  when he tells her there is a monster in the house.

I read mixed reviews about this film some liked it, some didn't saying its not a true horror film. I disagree, It is a horror film a psychological, supernatural horror film, its almost like a mix of Annabelle and The Shining,  who remembers that classic? I like it and it had some jumps in but, not many as it a horror, thriller that starts slow and picks up in the middle and has a interesting end to it. The actress Essie Davis (Amelia) and Noah Wiseman (Samuel) are strong phenomenal actors.

I highly recommend this film to all true horror fans.

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The Best Thank You Anyone Can Give Me

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Success and Healthy Aging

How to understand healthy aging:
Healthy aging is defined as a process that does not implicate disabilities and disease. Living a healthy aging involves removing these debilitating conditions. To leave this world of old age is healthy living. When you can go out without having conditions that end your life sooner, you have lived a healthy life.

Someone who stays active throughout their life can reduce aging symptoms, such as crowfeet, wrinkles, etc. The person can maintain activities and take care of self can also keep their teeth longer, at least most. Most active people will enjoy life longer than those who sit on the couch holding it down.

According to medical experts, the number of elders entering nursing facilities has decreased. Yet, people 85 years of age are becoming an increasing figure. Disabilities of people between 74-85 have also decreased according to medical experts. People 65 years of age and older has reduced incapacitating illnesses as well according to medical experts. This means that people are taking life more seriously, obviously; otherwise we would see ongoing conditions in society. According to medical experts also, the average person living active cannot live past “125,” yet the number of people living past 90 is increasing. According to medical experts the average life expectancy is past 90, yet some people manage to live past 120. This is due to transience conditions and its changes according to experts.

Ironically, common aging is complex for the reason that impairments and illnesses may develop through the process of aging. Some of the diseases that cause rapid aging are due to hereditary. One must learn the processes in DNA to understand and relate to this factor causing rapid aging.

One example of common aging is seen when a person eats carbohydrates. As we grow older, carbs will increase the level of blood sugar naturally. This is common, yet it is not normal when the blood sugar rises for a person with any type of diabetes. As you can see the senescence is obvious in natural changes, while it is not always understandable with unnatural conditions.

On the same note, common aging includes forgetfulness, comprehension decline, and so on. Yet, if a person has signs of progressive conditions, such as dementia, which emerges from Alzheimer’s disease, thus its clear aging is unhealthy and unnatural. You want to understand genetics to relate to this condition.

Our body goes through many changes, which in medical terms is known as senescence. Medical experts, as well as the general population find it difficult to understand common aging signs, since avoidable illnesses, accidents, etc, and non-biological aspects play a role as well. Unnatural causes such as drinking alcohol excessively, drugging, overeating, and so forth is factored into common aging and uncommon aging. Doctors also consider prolonged existence when dealing with healthy aging.

When considering healthy aging one must take in consideration that longevity plays a part as well. Longevity has changed since the 19th centuries. Nowadays women are living well past 90 and men are living well beyond 80 years of age. Again, transience or mortality has changed, which has increased living expectancy.

To live a healthy and long life one must take steps to reduce aging. One must take care of their teeth, and overall body and mind. In fact, taking care of your teeth and gums can reduce your chances of heart disease. Experts found that the teeth and gum link to nerves that can submit poisons to the heart, thus causing heart attacks, or strokes. To learn more about teeth and gums, speak with your dentist.

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Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been known to humans ever
since it was first practiced several millennia ago. This
article will discuss some of them in detail and will
outline the mental as well as the health benefits of this

1. Reduces stress

- since meditation helps calm the mind and relax the
individual, it helps a lot in reducing stress. This is
usually achieved through the breathing exercises that form
a part of the practice.

Stress reduction is one of the main reasons why people take
up meditation.

2. Various health benefits

- there are already documented cases wherein meditation was
shown to have helped in curing an illness. A landmark study
is the one done in 1976 by Australian psychiatrist Ainslie
Meares which was published in the Medical Journal of

The study documented how a patient’s cancer regressed after
sessions of intensive meditation. Meditation is also known
to lower blood pressure levels, which is beneficial to
patients who are at risk of hypertension and other
heart-related conditions.

3. Improves concentration

- one practice in meditation involves focusing on a
particular object such as a candlelight, or reciting a
mantra. Doing activities like these have been shown to
improve a person’s concentration.

4. Acceptance of events

- another aspect of meditation is the ability to take
things as they are. This helps a lot in reducing a person’s
frustrations over things that he/she cannot control.

People who will surely benefit from this include those who
are undergoing anger management.

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