Feng Shui For Health

Feng shui has long been heralded for its ability to increase people's energy level and give them a much healthier life. This may sound unusual to some people but really think about it.

Feng shui calls for a clutter-free, well lit area with good air circulation. That by itself can do wonders but when applied with various feng shui techniques, it can make amazing improvements in your state of mind.

Nobody likes living in a mess and that can affect you mentally. To maintain a space that is beneficial to your health, there are only three basic needs that have to be met.

Fresh air is very important in the modern world.Thousands of years ago there weren't factories and cars all over that seriously diminish air quality. Even in your home there are many pollutants from things like your stove, refrigerator, and animals.

The easiest way to help eliminate some of these pollutants and to add something beautiful to your home is to get some air purifying plants.

Many types of small palm and fern are renowned for their ability to suck in toxic substances that are in the
air. In addition, they put out oxygen which is always a good thing.

Lighting is very important also. Light is one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe. Many of us don't get enough sunlight exposure as we need on a daily basis.

Feng shui encourages the use of natural light whenever possible but in areas where that isn't an option, full spectrum lighting is recommended.

The last basic need is to stay free of clutter. Get rid of stuff you don't really need and don't be a pack rat. By starting with these three basics, you can learn more and start applying feng shui cures to your home and life.

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My Favorite Quote

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On Thursday April 21st the world stop and everybody cried. We lost a legend today, singer, songwriter and producer Prince who real name was Prince Rogers Nelson died at 57. You will be missed, but not forgotten. 

Thank you for the legacy of music, movies and videos you left behind. While there is a investigation surrounding his passing. We will not forget the impact he left on the world. Every song he wrote and sang was pure magic. My favorite albums are Batman soundtrack and Purple Rain. Also the song Nothing compares to you which he wrote for Sinad O'Conner.

What was your favorite album or song?

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Doris Roberts...R.I.P

BREAKING NEWS: Great sadness today to learn of the passing of actress Doris Roberts. I grow up watching Ms. Roberts on Remington Steel and than Everybody Loves Raymond.

She was amazing actress who can do it all. As an actor I loved watching her choices she made for the characters she played. We lost an icon who was 90 years young full of life. The greatest thing she did before she passed was make us laugh. She left a wonderful legacy behind for all of us to continue to enjoy, remember, laugh and never forget the impact she made on us.

I will miss her, but I will never forget her. What was your favorite Doris Roberts movie or television show?

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Diana Ross...A'int No Car Accident will keep me from you!

"Ain't no Valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough or car accident will keep me from you" should be her new anthem. News broke that Diana Ross was in a car accident! I almost had a heart attack before I even click on the full story!

Diana Ross is my idol. I grew up listening to The Supremes and the motown artists. Diana was always the stand out to me. I've listened to every song and see her in many concerts. One concert she even brought me on stage. I went to see her at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and we had back row seats which didn't sit well with me. So me and my friends got up and walked down towards the stage and there were three seats empty, so we sat in them and god must have been with us, because bo one ever claimed them.

So she started singing Muscles, and she was eyeing a guy in front of me to show his muscles, but he didn't because he was embarrassed, so I stood up and said "Look at me!" She did and waved her hand to motion me to sit down. I was in heaven cause she motion to me. She than sung another slow song called So Close, and she started bringing people up one at a time and dancing with them. Only if she could have picked me. So I stood up again and said "It's my turn!" She looked and me and waved at me to come up... OMG!! My dream was coming true and as I started to to run up on stage, security stopped me. I was almost crushed with heartbreak when she said the them it's ok.

So I am on stage, she has one arm wrapped around me and a mic in the other serenading me. We dance as if one one else was watching and as we separated I turn to see out i to the audience and it was pitch black. I couldn't see anyone one, I thought I died and gone to heaven. It was so magical I remember it as if it was yesterday.  So I started to return to my seat when she slapped me on the butt. (See dreams do come true!)...
Anyway back to almost having a heart attack. I read the story and the only way I would believe that she was ok is from her tweet she sent out to everyone. Assuring them she was ok and would still be performing.

I know the power of adrenaline. I was in a car accident on my way to teach in New Jersey once and I remember, not feeling any pain even though my leg was banged up pretty bad. The police had to stop traffic on the highway to bump my jeep off the road. They called AAA and when they asked me where I wanted to go. I said the gym. When I walked in word got out about my accident to the entire gym. So everyone was surprised to see me show up l, even with a limp. I taught my class. I informed them that I dont know what going to happen, but we gonna ride like there was no tomorrow.  It was packed, not a bike available and it was the most reward rides of my fitness career.

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AMC Theaters "Considered" allowing texting at the movies

Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Entertainment. said in an interview with Variety that he has considered allowing texting during screenings. When I go to a movie, I want to escape for couple of hours and the one thing that ruins it for me is people texting in the middle of the movie. The screen light is very distracting if you are sitting next to the person who is texting or viewing there phone.

Other things that ruin a movie for me, is when someone phone rings or talking during the film. These are the reasons I dont like going to the movies and if I do I try to go early before it gets pack so I can get a seat that either one or two people can sit in. I have been monitoring the feedback online and it's not been in favor of this idea. Here are some of the responses to AMC's texting idea.

" AMC Theaters wants to "allow" texting during a movie??? That's one theater I won't go to.  How pathetic - - why pay for a movie if you're going to text?"

" Bad idea very bad idea I was going to boycott AMC theaters  .... No texting WTF idea !!!!"

" This is why i dont go to the theater. Too much texting!"

After receiving thousands of backlash comments like the one's above on social media AMC decided to retract there plan to allow texting during a movie. Check out what they had to say below.

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Healty Recipe: Chicken Farro

5 tablespoons white vinegar, divided
2 tablespoons sugar, divided
5/8 teaspoon kosher salt, divided
1/8 teaspoon ground allspice
2 Persian cucumbers, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon canola oil
2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh dill
2 (8.5-ounce) packages precooked farro
2 (6-ounce) skinless, boneless rotisserie chicken breasts, sliced
1/4 cup lingonberry preserves

1. Combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 4 teaspoons sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and allspice in a dish; stir with a whisk. Add cucumbers; toss. Let stand 12 minutes, tossing once. Drain.
2. Combine Dijon, dry mustard, oil, remaining 1 tablespoon vinegar, and remaining 2 teaspoons sugar in a bowl, stirring with a whisk. Stir in dill and 1 1/2 teaspoons water.
3. Heat farro according to package directions. Divide among 4 bowls. Arrange chicken, cucumbers, and preserves over farro. Drizzle with mustard sauce; sprinkle with remaining 3/8 teaspoon salt.

Nutritional Facts:
Calories 406
Fat 7.6 g
Satfat 1.2 g
Monofat 3.3 g
Polyfat 1.6 g
Protein 31 g
Carbohydrate 53 g
Fiber 4 g
Cholesterol 72 mg
Iron 3 mg
Sodium 371 mg
Calcium 44 mg
Sugars 16 g
Est. Added Sugars 15 g

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Robert Downey Jr's Charitable Announment

Robert Downey Jr. is a brilliant actor! My favorite film of his is Less Than Zero were he played a drug addict, he give an Oscar worthy performance. If you have not seen it, you should.

Robert Downey Jr. just released a video announcement about his new charitable foundation named Random Act Funding. He is not the first and I know he wont be the last. I applaud all actors who use there platform to give back.

He’s inviting fans to become founding members of the foundation and to enter for a chance to win a private, advance screening of his new movie Captain America: Civil War, an opportunity to attend a live taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in New York City with Downey as a guest, a photoshoot with Downey, and the chance to share a pizza with the Iron Man star (I am doing for the Pizza alone, Lol!) 

All it takes is a $10 donation. This year’s proceeds go to organizations like the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Make-A-Wish and Anti-Recidivism Coalition.
A historic endeavor! Embark with me?

Through Omaze, we shall create RAF. Join me in Manhattan, where all stops will be pulled out beyond recognition. Exclusive screening of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, pizza party, prop laden photo shoot, and a double portion of philanthropy for dessert. For a cause, but with a celeb. It’s simple.

Donate and may the biggest win.

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What are probiotics and are they Important?

The short answer:

Your gut is filled with bacteria, good and bad. Good bacteria aids digestion, boosts immunity, and combats a number of gut-related illnesses. Emerging research shows it may also impact weight loss and influence mood. Bad bacteria hampers good bacteria and can make you sick in an assortment of ways, oftentimes involving repeated trips to the bathroom.

The two fight constantly.

Probiotics contain good bacteria. You’ll find them either in supplement form or through real foods like yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, miso, and kombucha. By taking them, you’re fortifying the troops. While they’re generally an excellent idea, they’re particularly important after you’ve had an infection or you’ve taken a round of antibiotics, because these things tend to wipe out the populations in your gut.

The long answer:

The therapeutic use of probiotics is an excellent example of ancient wisdom existing long before Western science could pull its head out. There are references to curdled milk in the Bible (Genesis 18:8 and Isaiah 7:15 if you’re keeping score), but the party really got started around the start of the 20th century when Nobel Prize–winning scientist Dr. Elias Metchnikoff reported that Bulgarian shepherds tended to live almost twice as long as urban Parisians where he was living. He pinned this on the formers’ intake of fermented milk, which he felt contained “good” and “anti-putrefactive” microorganisms.

It’s unclear how Metchnikoff made the connection between these two rather disparate groups, but it gave birth to the modern investigation of probiotics, so let’s not complain. For the last hundred plus years, science continues to discover more and more good things about the bugs living in our intestines.

The 100 trillion (give or take a trillion) bacteria that live in your gut can be divided into over 500 types. Many of the important ones fall into one of two genera,Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Under that, there are several species, many of which have specific benefits. For example,Lactobacillus acidophilus has been shown to be especially effective in combating lactose intolerance and Montezuma’s Revenge (or “traveler’s diarrhea” if you want to be boring about it). However, unless you have a specific issue that you’re trying to address, you probably don’t need to stress about all the species.

Fun fact one: the bad bacteria you’re working to keep in check include Helicobacter pylori, (E. coli), and salmonella.

Fun fact two: we’re born without bacteria in our guts, but the populating begins when we pass through the birth canal. Our first gasps of air provide yet more bacteria, as does breast milk, which is especially rich in probiotics.

It’s well-established that probiotic consumption helps with almost any intestinal issue you can think of, including constipation, lactose intolerance, GI infections, gas, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, IBS, and IBD. It’s been shown to be effective in treating vaginal and urinary tract infections and atopic eczema. There’s also research showing probiotics may reduce the risk of colon cancer.

There are a few theories as to how this all happens. One is that good bacteria simply take up the space in the gut that the bad bacteria would take over. There’s also the fact that some good bacteria stimulate the immune system by promoting the release of various white blood cells that kill pathogens. A third idea is that many bacteria use the same fuel sources. For example, Clostridium difficile, which causes diarrhea and inflames the colon, is dependent on sugar—but so are many good bacteria. It all comes down to balance. If you have plenty of good bacteria in your gut, they’re going to dominate the monosaccharide buffet.

Look beyond GI issues, and current science on gut bacteria and probiotics gets even more amazing. A Washington University study on identical twins—one overweight and one thin—showed that they had entirely different gut microbiota, suggesting certain bacteria in your system promotes weight gain. (A separate UC Berkeley studysuggests the evolutionary reason for this is that people in northern climates need more body fat, so their gut bacteria actually shifts to promote weight gain.)

But if you think popping the right probiotics will soon be the key to dropping pounds, don’t get too excited. Yet another study on mice shows that “weight loss bacteria” doesn’t seem to thrive on a high in saturated fat, low-fiber diet. However, they tend to propagate when fed a diet filled with fruits and veggies.
Researchers are also looking seriously into the gut-brain axis. In other words, those little bugs in your belly might actually have a say in your decision-making process. For instance, gut bacteria produce 95% of your serotonin, a powerful “feel-good” neurotransmitter.

And a Texas Tech University study on mice found that feeding mice the bad bacteriumCampylobacter jejuni drove up their anxiety levels.

So, yes, you should consume probiotics. How many depends on your situation. Antibiotics wipe out the microbes in your gut, so a supplement is an excellent idea after a round of those. Beyond that, if you have a gut-related issue, it’s worth researching which probiotic might help and supplement thusly.

Quality probiotic supplements can be pricey though. For most people, a solid diet filled with probiotic foods should do the trick. (For the record, Shakeology contains Bacillus coagulans, an especially hearty probiotic that can survive at room temperature when many probiotics require refrigeration.)

Yogurt is also a great source. However, it’s important to read the label. The bacteria that make the flavor and texture that Western society considers yogurt can’t survive the voyage through our GI tract, so manufacturers enhance the stuff with other strains, including Lactobacillus acidophilusand Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Kombucha, or fermented tea, is another great probiotic food that’s especially trendy right now. It may take a while to learn to appreciate its tangy taste, but it’s worth it. Another benefit of kombucha is that it’s incredibly simple to make.

Beyond that, there are tons of other foods out there that are technically probiotic, including tempeh, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, and various cheeses. Unfortunately, these foods are often heated or pasteurized in such a way that kills the bacteria, so check on the label to verify if the probiotics are still active. Another option is to seek out a boutique producer who deliberately maintains the bacteria in their foods. Or you might want to make them yourself. Sandor Ellix Katz’s The Art of Fermentation is an excellent resource for your bacterial DIY needs.

On a final note, remember that fruit and veggie thing a few paragraphs up? Well, it applies to all the benefits of probiotics. Gut bacteria thrives on certain foods called prebiotics, so it’s crucial to make them part of your diet. Foods especially high in prebiotics include asparagus, onion, leek, garlic, artichokes, oats, and bananas. Yacon root, which you’ll find in Shakeology, also contains prebiotics.

So make prebiotics and probiotics a cornerstone of your diet because if you’re good to all those little bugs in your gut, they’ll return the favor tenfold.

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Janet Jackson Postpones Tour...again!

Janet Jackson has issued a video statement on why she has postponed her Unbreakable Tour

Family comes first, no matter what age you are. I am so happy for her decision and we will be waiting.

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My Batman v Superman Review:

Already grossing over $500 million at the box office. Why is Batman v Superman becoming the #1 movie? I'll tell you why. I needed an escape, while working on Will Smith's new movie I got devastating news that my father passed away. My emotions were all over the place...I wanted to be entertained and transported somewhere else to get rid of the pain.

Well Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was that outlet for me. I saw it on a Wednesday night after its box office opening weekend and it only had 6 people total in the theater, for me that's how I like to see a movie. I didn't want to hear others talking, chopping on popcorn or checking there cell phones during the movie. I wanted to simply lose myself for the next 2 hours and 31 minutes. No worries there are no spoilers here. Let me start with the costumes. Superman's costume was darker than the one he wore in Man Of Steel, like a calbot blue and blood red with faded gold. Batman's was a take on the Arkham style Batman costume and Wonder Woman's was designed out of leather and looked amazon-ian (is that a word? lol), I love it! The story picks up from the end of Man Of Steel which I love, a continuation of connecting the dots, you will see why Batman and Superman come to blows in the film, it made sense and how they must come together to save the world and change peoples preconception of the heroes, and it also sets up for the sequels and solo movies that are to come, yes there will be more.

Henry Cavill really embodies the Clark Kent/Superman role more in this film than in Man Of Steel, he was getting his feet wet in the previous film. Side note: Did you know Henry was up for superman in the Superman Returns movie? but it was given to Brandon Routh. Thank god for that decision, because it lead to a better darker take on america's greatest hero. Henry give both characters more layers, depth and strength which I haven't seen since Christopher Reeve portrayal in the Richard Donner Superman films. This is what the characters needed. I personally wanted to see the growth of both characters in this movie and Henry delivered on that.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman was strong and powerful kinda like the Arkham Batman which is probably were he got the idea and made his character choices from. Am sorry I may have been the only one who hated Christian Bale portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy. Ben also gave the characters layers, I understood clearly him when he used his Batman voice and giving us a mini back history recap on how he became Batman. I kinda wish they used the actor on the Gotham tv series (Shameless plug of the show I worked on.). Ben is solid in this film which we know the stakes were high as the budget casting Ben since people refuse to let him live down his Daredevil flop.

Gal Gadot, again just like Ben there was so much controversy surrounding her being cast as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, everybody even me was like was like, WTF? when news broke she was cast. After all she was the pretty girl in the Fast and Furious films, she not a strong actress, hell she can't even act! Well she became one of the reasons to see this movie. To see if she could live up to the challenge. Well to all the haters, including myself she proved us wrong!! She was strong, powerful and kinda was the a scene stealer in the movie. She totally made me forgot she was in the Fast and Furious franchise. Yes, she can act, the chemistry between her a Ben was great. Gal said in a interview her getting the role was base on the chemistry her and Ben had. I was so proud when Wonder Woman emerged for the 8 minutes of screen time, there was even applauds when she entered the scene, we waited so long for that moment...she did not disappoint and left me wanted more.

I must say the weakest person in the film was Amy Adams, she's a great actress but her character showed no strength or development. Lois Lane bored me every time she was on screen and I was wishing there was a way to have kept her out... sorry, again Amy Adams is great actress but she should have been disappointed on her character being the weakest story line in the movie. The other actors were stronger than her which push her to the back.

Jesse Eisenberg was amazing as Lex Luthor, his character choices was awesome and he gave Lex his own identity and not copy any of the Lex characters played in the past. I thought I would get annoyed with him, but I was fascinated, any true actor will see how powerful he came across. Holly Hunter, Laurence Fishburne, Henry Lennox, Diane Lane and Jeremy Irons was also amazing and strong much stronger than Amy, you'll see what I mean when you see the film, but rounding out the cast was a actress named Rebecca Buller (Jenny) who to me was strong and made a great presence than Amy. I wanted to see more of her instead of Lois Lane.

Many people have said they weren't crazy about this movie because of the story line and missing pieces. This is not a reboot! Batman v Superman has its own identity which is what it should be, its pure entertainment and Zack Snyder did an outstanding job directing this movie. I highly recommend seeing this film on the big screen you will not be disappointed.

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COMING SOON: Country Heat

Heeeeee Hawwwww!!! Beachbody, the leading provider of in-home and gym-based fitness programs, announced the launch of Country Heat, a country dance-inspired workout available nationwide this summer.
The company’s first foray into the country music genre, this new fitness program was created by Super Trainer and 21 Day Fix® creator Autumn Calabrese, and features routines so simple anyone can do them, and so fun everyone will want to.

Choreographed to some of the most recent contemporary country music hits, Country Heatincludes six 30-minute calorie-busting cardio routines. Songs like “Kick the Dust Up,” “Crash and Burn” and “All About Tonight” get you moving in these high-energy, low-impact workouts while you learn simple moves that tone and tighten the body without weights or equipment.

“Country Heat was inspired by my passion for country music and my love of both fitness and dance,” Calabrese said. “I created this program for people who have been looking for a fun and easy alternative to fitness and I’m confident people will quickly see just how effective it is to work out while having fun!”
In addition to the workouts, a bonus line dance will be included featuring a new song from award-winning country artist Jo Dee Messina. “Night Crawl” was written exclusively forCountry Heat and don’t be surprised to see this line dance filling the dance floors of honky tonks throughout the country this summer!
“For years we’ve been looking to create a simple approach to fitness that was accessible to everyone and that people would love to do,” said Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody. “We are committed to helping people achieve their weight-loss goals and with the incredible popularity of country music, we believe Country Heat is going to reach millions of people who have been frustrated or bored with more traditional or extreme workouts. Country Heatis just plain fun!”

The Country Heat program will be released July 28th, 2016, and includes five dance workouts plus one full-body dance-conditioning workout, a quick-start guide, a 30-day program calendar, Autumn’s patented portion-control containers and nutrition program, plus the bonus line dance— all for only $59.85. The entire program, inclusive of the workouts, music and nutrition, was designed to be simple and fun – appealing to people of all fitness levels.

Country Heat Playlist

– “Night Crawl”
– “Some Days You Gotta Dance”
– “Bar Hoppin”
– “Kick The Dust Up”
– “Cotton Eye Joe”
– “One More Last Chance”
– “Play Something Country”
– “Whiskey Drinking Sob”
– “I Like It, I Love It”
– “Born To Boogie”
– “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)”
– “Chattahoochie”

For those who thrive in a group fitness setting, certified Country Heat Live instructors will soon be offering classes at gyms and community centers across the country.

For updates on Country Heat, or be the first to know when it available...

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